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Minnstf Links

For the Board

Minnstf Document Digitization Project

Otherwise known as MinDocDigPro. This is an ongoing effort to digitize Minnstf (and in particular Minicon) documents. Here's the organizing page of the project.

General-interest Minicon stuff


Each department has its own timeline of tasks that need to be done in the year leading up to the con. This is an attempt to coordinate the timelines of all the departments. It's meant to be descriptive, not prescriptive.

Documented timelines (first pass - Apr29, 2023)


            6mo                4mo            3mo               2mo              1mo
ART        find subheads       find storage   contact artists                    plan panel pickup [obsolete?]
GoH        contact GoH         picture/bio    review schedule                    plan signings/klatsch
Prog  start brainstorming      idea list      find panelists   GoH sched         finish schedule

No timelines found

  • Publications
  • Registration
  • Hotel - excellent writeup but no timeline

Long-term Planning

Minicon History

Resources for Minicon (and other con) running

Running a small convention or convention-related party


Miscellaneous Programming articles

Historical (Minicon Programming)

  • See also previous Minicons' webpages for old program books, pocket programs, and what we said to members on the web.

Moderator Tip Sheet

The Moderator Tip Sheet was developed by the Programming Committee for Minicon 24. Besides general tips on how to plan and run a panel at an SF convention, the Tip Sheet includes a handy dandy worksheet for the moderator to use before and during the panel. Now and then other cons ask if they can use it. We always say yes.


GoH Handling



  • Hotel Liaison and department

Signs and At-Con Communications


Art Show



Blog is the traditional drink of Minicon. It's a sweet fruit punch, typically spiked with liberal amounts of vodka. The nonalcoholic variant is referred to as "St. Paul blog" for historical reasons. See the Blog Recipe.

Account creation & editing privileges

How do you register to be able to edit this wiki? The Mnstf wiki has been the victim of large numbers of spammers. Because of this, we've set it so that only administrators can make accounts, so please contact one of them to register. They are, as of 2023, User:Dd-b:DD-B, Rachel, Laurel and Matt Strait.

Note to sysops and people trying to edit the wiki: People need to be in the "approved" group in order to edit pages (it's not good enough to just have an account, since lots of spambots have accounts already).