What the Chair Does

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Since Minicon is currently a relatively small convention, many minor duties fall to the chair due to being no department's job. Here is a non-exhaustive list of possibly non-obvious chair duties, started by Matthew Strait based on his experience co-chairing Minicons 43 and 44. It will go out of date as departments are created and/or destroyed, volunteers start and/or stop habitually doing these or other tasks, etc. Please edit freely.

  • Sign organization and distribution
  • Seed cash distribution for registration, art show
  • Volunteer wrangling before and during the con
  • Worrying about what things we forgot
  • Handing secure storage at the hotel
  • Fielding complaints from members
  • Interdepartmental coordination
  • Making sure programming rooms are unlocked when programming is starting in the morning.
  • Distributing hotel keys
  • Setting registration rates and dates
  • Making publication decisions (dates, mailing list size, cost limits, etc.)
  • Understanding/setting up/dealing with our non-profit status
  • T-shirts
  • Sending and receiving flyers and other freebies
  • Renting and driving the truck
  • Buying equipment (e.g. the projector screen)
  • Storage locker inventory/management
  • Deciding on a theme
  • Deciding what departments exist and who is the authority on what
  • Getting e-mail sent to chair and request
  • Deciding if any non-GoH are comped (reporters, interpreters, personal care assistants, etc.)
  • Writing the program book intro
  • Making and distributing the list of phone numbers
  • Distributing the hotel's walkie-talkies
  • Blood drive coordination
  • Hotel expense decision (e.g. how many mics to have)
  • Copyright decisions
  • Dealer dollars
  • Having balloons for closing ceremonies
  • Scheduling concom meetings
  • Taking unclaimed lost+found items
  • Making room use decisions