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Canonical recipe for Minicon Blog

1 Large (12 oz) can each of frozen
   Orange Juice
6 oz Grenadine
4 quarts Ginger Ale (modern equivalent is 4 liters Ginger Ale) 
Ice, lots
12 oz Vodka (modern equivalent is 1/3 Liter Vodka)

If the alcohol is left out, it's called "St. Paul Blog".

The type that has alcohol is not, however, called "Minneapolis Blog". Canonically, it's either Blog or St. Paul Blog. There is no spoon.


Where on Earth are you going to get quarts of ginger ale? 4 liters will do.

6 oz of grenadine, naturally, fills half a 12 oz can of juice concentrate. Take advantage of this.

Lisa's variant

Use 2 liters of ginger ale and 2 liters of water instead of 4 of ginger ale. This is more or less equivalent to using juice instead of juice concentrate and results in a less bonk-you-over-the-head sweet drink. For those who like to be canonical, a similar effect can be achieved by being particularly zealous about the "lots" when adding ice and having all the ingredients warm. However, then you'll either have to search all over the hotel for a non-exhausted ice machine or actually buy bags of ice.

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