Room requirements for Minicon

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Actual Room Capacities

Minicon Room Requirements

Programming for Minicon requires lots of space. What follows is a list of our requirements, heavily slanted towards requirements for programming, as of Minicon 42:

  • 2-3 rooms for panels. Various sizes; some with large numbers of seats, others with fewer seats.
  • 1 room for Krushenko's panels.
  • 1 room for readings. Should be quiet, hopefully with seats facing the front (where people can do their readings), but we've made do with round tables before.
  • 1 big room. For opening & closing ceremonies, artists' slideshows and occasional other very high-attendance programming.
  • 1 room for music. When Minicon is in the Sheraton (aka the hotel formerly known as the Rad South), Shipside often functions well for this.
  • 1 room for gaming. Can be noisy; needs to be open 24 hours.
  • 1 room for kids. Can be noisy; usually doesn't need to be open 24 hours.
  • 1 room for science, if there is a science contingent.
  • 1 room for movies, if there are such things.
  • 1 room for the artshow. Must be secure.
  • 1 room for dealers. Must be secure.
  • 1 room for secure storage. Obviously, must be secure.
  • 1 room for the Bozo Bus Tribune. Must be secure.
  • 1 room for the Green Room. May or may not be 24 hour. May or may not need to be secure.

Other things that require space, but not necessarily rooms:

  • Author & artist signings.
  • Registration. We've often had this in the open atrium space, when at the Sheraton.