Making Minicon More Accessible

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You will need

  • Rolls of Floor Plastic
  • Tie wire
  • Signs for the parking lot.


Floor plastic = 24" x 200' sold at hardware stores - i.e. Temporary signs = Sturdy, reflective metal with holes meant for mounting - i.e. Tie wire = Not flimsy, but still easy to cut with a pliers - At least 50' - i.e.


  • Find out the expected attendance and calculate number of needed parking signs per 2.5% of membership, rounded up to the nearest whole fan.
  • Make social media posts to let people know about the temporary spots.
    • Suggested text "The hotel parking lot will have four additional temporary accessible parking spots during Minicon. The temporary accessible spots are close to the door, but do not have the side transfer aisle for a wheelchair or scooter to disembark. If you don't need to use the side transfer aisle, please first consider using a spot without the extra space on the side."
    • Text from 2019 - "There will be four extra accessible parking spots in the lot this year. We are going to put the temporary signs on the backside of the permanent accessible spot signs. That means there are some accessible spots that are physically closer, but don't have a transfer aisle. If you don't need the side transfer aisle for a wheelchair or scooter, please consider using one of the spots without the extra space on the side first. That way, people who need the space on the side will be able to use those spots. Thanks!"
  • As early as possible on Thursday before the convention, tie temporary signs to the backs of the permanent signs. The existing signs are with the other signs, in the large black sign bag. There is a cheap pliers with the extension cords in the registration supplies.

Attending events and moving around

  • Make disposable paper 8.5 x 11 signs that say "Accessible Seating"
  • Put signs under roll plastic in programming rooms, film room and music room. For seating, the middle aisle should be wide enough for a wheelchair to be pulled over in the seating area, and another wheelchair can pass, about 5.5'
  • In Consuite and Bar, mark a clear travel path. Mark the area near the path with a polite sign. Suggested wording "Please keep moving on the marked paths. This will make the room easier for everyone to enjoy."

Reference Notes

In 2019, we had approximately 500 members, 9 permanent accessible parking spaces, and 4 temporary accessible parking spaces. We used 1.5 rolls of plastic.