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In recent years, the hotel has not allowed us to put signs on walls. Instead, we've used easels. How many do we need? Here's an attempt to list all the places and uses easels can be put to:

  • Outside the music room (which has recently been in Shipside)
  • Outside the movie room, ideally with a daily schedule of movies printed on it
  • In the hotel lobby, to advertise the blood drive
  • Outside the Art Show/Dealers' Room/Science Room to advertise the location of that room
  • Outside the Readings room, both to advertise its location and to list the readings schedule
  • Near Gaming, with a schedule of gaming events
  • Near the programming rooms, with as large as possible a copy of the programming grid
  • Sign-up sheet for guerrilla programming, wherever that's occurring
  • Advertising for room parties, groups attending the con, etc.
  • One mobile easel for use wherever it's needed, to advertise impromptu, important or hard-to-find events

The hotel has also, in recent years, let us use two huge bulletins boards (cork on one side, white board on the other if memory serves), which can perform many of these functions.

Remember that easels cost money, so the fewer we can get away with the better. But they also perform many useful functions.

See also Supplies needed for Programming.