M46 Post-Mortem Agenda

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Minicon 46 Post Mortem Agenda - Looking Forward to M47

  • concomm meeting notifications in Einblatt and social networking sites. Where is it now? Where should it be?
  • Publications deadlines for 2012
  • Website and the possibility to embed tagged photos from M46
  • Adding a photography department for M47
  • Using the Wiki and creating manuals for future Minicon Concomm. Who will lead this and make sure it gets done?
  • Policy for ASL Interpreters. How do we communicate this to the general public?
  • 2011 Apr 17 Mnstf meeting was treated as proofreading party, and happened less than a week before convention. 2012 Schedule should include MnStf meeting immediately after pubs deadline, officially call it a proofreading party.
  • Volunteers Department stuffs from Matt S. email 4/24
  • Volunteers/Registration/Lost and Found... etc should also be known as "Information Desk."
  • In addition to "The Bar," signs should say "Room 218" for after hours registration
  • Former Toastmasters should receive lifetime GOH memberships.
  • Names were difficult to find in 2011. Registration format will be different in 2012.
  • Former GOHs should receive a letter asking about attendance early in the process. Registration, Programming and Guest Relations needs to be in the loop on such a letter. Who will send? Should anyone else be cc'd?
  • Software from Wiscon for Programming Department
  • Programming Panels - How to submit, special considerations for concomm members
  • Add Serifs on Name Badges of GOH and former GOH name badges (It's a Perk)
  • Supporting Membership rates