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Badging can be problematic, especially when people use it as a power trip opportunity or aren't sure what the purpose of the job is. Here are some sensible rules which should be conveyed to badgers before they start work, preferably in both oral and printed form:

  1. Your job is to prevent people who aren't members of the con from eating our food.
    • Usually we know that someone is a member because they have a badge.
    • However, if you know someone without a badge is a member, it's ok to let them in. BUT: encourage them to go get their badge so that we can maintain a culture of badge wearing --- this makes the task of badging easier.
  2. If someone without a badge enters even though you tell them they can't, DO NOT lay hands on them. Let the consuite head know of the situation.
  3. Know who the guests of honor are and what they look like. They should always be let in and never chided for lack of badge. [It is helpful to hand out photos for this.]
  4. Make sure that the person who relieves you as badger for the next shift knows these rules.