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My name is Dr. Bob Blackwood; I have appeared at past Minicons, the most recent one in 2007, I believe. I wold be happy to appear on a panel at this year's Minicon.

My degree is in English Literature. I am a professor emeritus, Wright College,Chicago.

I am a film critic for "The Columbia River Reader" in Oregon/Washington, though I live in Chicago.

This year, I was quite active at Dragon.Con in three areas: films, Post-armageddon (perhaps a contradiction in terms) dystopias (for sure), professional writing opportunities--e.g. moderating a discussion of 9 female paranormal novelists and 1 female editor of some of their work, etc.

I recently visited and published a long article on Forks, WA; No Vampires But Lots of "Twilight" Merchandise Moving.

I like to have a few laughs and to share the spotlight with others who do too.

Dr. Bob Blackwood--co-author of "Future Prime: Top 10 Science Fiction Films" (based on surveys of members of the World Science Fiction Society) and author of "From the Silents to 'The Sopranos': Italian American Gangsters in Trend-setting Films and Televison Shows," both books published 2006.