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The Basics of Healthy Living for Women

There are certain basics that make up a woman’s healthy living. If you want to buy essay and stay healthy, begin by sustaining proper weight for your height and build. This can be done through regular exercise and a balanced, healthy diet. In fact, the risk for heart disease in women could also be decreased considerably through a diet that is healthy for the heart combined with regular exercise.

Studies have also shown that 50 percent of all the risks for cancer can be lessened by observing a diet that has been modified to contain high fiber, less or no red meat at all, and less fat. Limiting the intake of alcoholic beverages, heightened activities for exercise, and stopping smoking could also help.

Aside from these basics to healthy living for women, there are also other things that a woman must do to ensure that she remains healthy everyday. These include going through medical examinations specially designed for women.

The Pap Smear

There are also other things that women need to do so they can sustain their healthy living, and one of these is to visit their gynecologist at least once a year. This is for a yearly physical checkup that should include a pap smear for those women who are already sexually active. A pap smear is very important because it is the only known screening for cervical cancer that has played a major role in the decrease of its incidence rate.

The Mammogram and the Breast Self-Exams

Mammograms are also very important in women’s lives, especially those who are already in their forties and fifties. Although there is still an ongoing debate over the age when women should really start having their annual mammogram checkup, a lot of women start going through this when they reach their mid-forties. Self-examinations of the breasts should be started as early as puberty though so that this will already become a habit when they reach adulthood.

Here are also some other tips to sustain healthy living:

1)Daily calcium intake is very important for women. Not only will this prevent her from going through almost up to 50 percent of all the symptoms that come with pre-menstrual syndrome like cramps, mood swings, and headaches, it will also play a major role in preventing osteoporosis during menopause.

2)The wearing of sunscreens every day is also an important thing for a woman to do when she steps out into the sun. This is to ensure the health of the skin and to make sure that the skin is able to retain its elasticity, smoothness, and suppleness even as she ages.

3)Practicing safe sex all the time is also another important thing to be done by a woman when it comes to her healthy living. This means always using a condom, even if she is in a long-term relationship with only one partner. This is to help prevent the contraction of any sexually transmitted diseases.