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AKA Eric Forste.

The first Minicon for me was 23, I think; anyway, it was one of the old ginormous ones in the late 1980s. Am on the board of Minn-StF as of 2011, and somehow accepted the "web wrangler" post on the officer's list many months ago, so it's strange that I'm only joining the wiki now. The only thing I positively volunteered to do at the time was to keep the front page updated about the dates and locations of upcoming gatherings (i. e. copy-pasting a tiny fraction of each new Einblatt to the front page).

I also enjoy reading the works of Greg Egan, Ted Chiang, Octavia Butler, Vernor Vinge, Chip Delany, Patrick O'Brian, and Pamela Dean, and sometimes seek new writers to my taste.