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Blade Runner Final Cut: Really Final?

Also, FYI: Neither Ridley Scott (at 72), nor BR's producers, nor Warners [after their legal & other battles to get this far]have any wish to re-visit BR again, so there is no "(probably)" about Final Cut closing the book on the original film. Rumors of sequels or remakes are another issue altogether.

Actually, in the Director's Commentary on the Final Cut, Scott gives indications that there are some parts of the movie that he's still unsatisfied with -- the stunt woman wearing flats as she's crashing through the window where Cassidy was wearing heels, for example -- and it sounded almost like he'd go back and change those things if the technology allowed it. It's a vague indication, but worth considering.
In any case, this is an interesting issue that should be addressed during the panel. Jiawen 00:48, 3 March 2009 (PST)