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Minnstf Links

Minnstf Document Digitization Project

Otherwise known as MinDocDigPro. This is an ongoing effort to digitize Minnstf (and in particular Minicon) documents. Here's the organizing page of the project.

Minnstf Recurring Annual Tasks

January: read this list into the minutes so we have a recent copy if the wiki goes down.

January: pay GPS $200 as per our cooperative agreement with them.

Pay the rent on the PO box, annually in October. We are notified of this by e-mail to board-at-mnstf-org on the first of the month for a bill due at the end of that month. Possibly we also get a paper bill in the PO box. As of June 2021, this is an automatic credit card payment.

Proposals for future Minicons: Solicit starting 18 months prior to the desired Minicon, requesting that bids be in to the board by January 31 (approximately 14 months before the proposed convention), with earlier being better.

Proposals for next year’s fallcon: Solicit at and immediately after the current fallcon, if any, or sometime in the fall if we're skipping a year. Due to the board by February 15, approximately 8 months before the proposed convention.

Convention preliminary finances: Due to the board one month after convention. Should include gross income, gross profit, and amount given to the board. Final finances must be done "within six months of the convention or by thirty days prior to the deadline for filing Society tax returns for the tax year in which the convention was held, whichever is earlier", as per the bylaws.

ASCAP: Due maybe March 31 for previous year, although they are not very clear. To be done by the MnStf Treasurer at the direction of the board.

Voting meeting: The membership secretary and outgoing president should make arrangements for nomination and voting meetings. The board should check over and update the information for new board members. The voting meeting must happen before March 31, typically before Minicon. There are two nominating meetings that must happen before then. At the first meeting of the new board, review the mailing lists and forwarding addresses: The board-chat mailing list is currently administered by Scott Raun and DD-B. Currently the board-at-mnstf forwarding address goes to Scott. Remember to switch the president-at-mnstf forwarding address sometime between the voting meeting and Minicon.

Officers: Chosen by the new board at the voting meeting or as soon as possible thereafter. Names and positions of officers should be submitted to the MnStf webmaster.

Convention incident info: More than a month before Minicon, and other cons, forward any relevant information about incidents at previous cons to the upcoming con.

Taxes: Due May 15. At this point, since we gross under $50k, we only have to file the 990N “postcard.” Scott has been doing this. Scott reminds himself to do it with Chrome to make PDF generation easier.

With the taxes (actual deadline Dec 31): Renew Minicon assumed name (as of 2020, must be paper filed).

With the taxes (actual deadline Dec 31): Annual renewal with the Minnesota Secretary of State for Minnesota Science Fiction Society. Here's where we do it.

May: If we want to continue annual book donations (done in 2020 and 2021), get it going.

June: Annual domain registration renewal and contact information verification through GANDI. Current domains are and GANDI sends notifications to the address on file (board-at-mnstf), who needs to confirm information.

Every December (this timing is arbitrary): Review what address we have on file with the state of Minnesota or whoever else won't use the PO Box. As of 2020, this is Scott and Irene's house.

Feb/March-ish, July-ish, Oct/November-ish: Get a report from the Quartermaster.

January, April, July, October: Send bills for past due accounts.

June, December: Send notice to concoms reminding them how voting member status works.

October: Confirm Give-To-The-Max registration so that we can get donations.

General-interest Minicon stuff

M53 (2018)

M52 (2017)

M51 (2016)

M50 (2015)

M49 (2014)

M48 (2013)

M47 (2012)

M46 (2011)

M45 (2010)

M44 (2009)


Minicon History

Resources for Minicon (and other con) running

Running a small convention or convention-related party


Take a look at the Minicon 53 Programming Brainstorm.


Moderator Tip Sheet

The Moderator Tip Sheet was developed by the Programming Committed for Minicon 24. Besides general tips on how to plan and run a panel at an SF convention, the Tip Sheet includes a handy dandy worksheet for the moderator to use before and during the panel. Now and then other cons ask if they can use it. We always say yes.


GoH Handling


Signs and At-Con Communications


Art Show



Blog is the traditional drink of Minicon. It's a sweet fruit punch, typically spiked with liberal amounts of vodka. The nonalcoholic variant is referred to as "St. Paul blog" for historical reasons. See the Blog Recipe.

Account creation & editing privileges

How do you register to be able to edit this wiki? The Mnstf wiki has been the victim of large numbers of spammers. Because of this, we've set it so that only people who are registered can edit the wiki, and that you need to email a sysop to register. Sysops are noted on the user list. As of March 25, 2011, the sysops are Jiawen, Laurel and Straitm. Note to sysops and people trying to edit the wiki: As of January 2015, people need to be in the "approved" group in order to edit pages (it's not good enough to just have an account, since lots of spambots have accounts already).