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Minnstf Links

Recent Minnstf Board Minutes in Wiki format

Minnstf History

The Floundering Fathers Panel - An interview with Minnstf founders Nate Bucklin, Ken Fletcher, Fred Haskell, Frank Stodolka, and Jim Young, circa 1977

Minicon stuff

Current Minicon Webpages

Minicon History

Resources for con-running


Blog is the traditional drink of Minicon. It's a sweet fruit punch, typically spiked with liberal amounts of vodka. The nonalcoholic variant is referred to as "St. Paul blog" for historical reasons. - Blog Recipe

Moderator Tip Sheet

The Moderator Tip Sheet was developed by the Programming Committed for Minicon 24. Besides general tips on how to plan and run a panel at an SF convention, the Tip Sheet includes a handy dandy worksheet for the moderator to use before and during the panel.

Running a small convention